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IntiMist IntiBidet™ with Control Panel

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IntiBidet™ with Control Panel
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Bidet Heated Seat with Wands
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The IntiMist IntiBidet™ with Control Panel

10 Day Moneyback Guarantee!

In White,  Regular or Elongated  - FREE Shipping for a Limited Time!  - 1 Year Warranty

Have questions? Call 630-980-7710 when we're open. We were the first people selling Bidets on the Internet in 1996, and can answer your questions about how you or your loved one would use a Bidet.

Click the arrow to watch the video...  Click HERE to see theYouTube Video Full Size

NOTE: The bidet in the video is the older IntiMist. The new IntiMist looks more "modern" and curved, but it works the same way.

For incredibly detailed (longwinded?) information on Bidets, see the IntiMist page at:



Click HERE for Dimension Chart to see if you need Round or Elongated, and if it will fit your toilet...

FREE AC Surge Protector Included!

• You don't need room lights or even be able to see to use the IntiBidet! The buttons on the control panel are slightly raised like a dome, which lets you count back two or three buttons from the front to turn on the bidet function / dryer. Your fingers will know where the buttons are within a couple of days without thinking about it!

• Warm Water comes from Electrically Heated Internal Tank (adjustable). 1/4 gallon water tank provides over 45 seconds of warm water at medium pressure at the highest heat setting - it takes a minute or two for the heater to re-heat the water in the tank after it turns cold.

• Front and Rear Bidet Wands (water pressure is adjustable)

• Warm Air Blow Dryer (air temperature is adjustable)

• Heated Seat (heat is adjustable)

• Slow Close Lid and Seat (hydraulic dampeners)

• Waterproof Control Panel with Easy-Push Raised Tactile Buttons, and LED Status Indicators

• Internal Memory remembers the water and seat temp, and water pressure settings (both between uses, and after a power failure)

• Auto Shutoff when you Stand-up (for both bidet and dryer)

• Self Cleaning Nozzles (water runs as the nozzles retract into their housing, to clean them each time it's used)

• Uses 550 Watts maximum, with everything heating (seldom happens)

• The Heated Seat uses 60 Watts max when heating, on highest setting (it's thermostatically controlled, so it's not heating all the time)

Easy on Septic Systems since you'll probably use less toilet paper!

• 1 Year Warranty (if you keep the box and use the FREE Surge Protector!). We sell a lot and very few ever need repair, but we do stock every part for every model and do the repairs in our shop.


• 10 Day Moneyback Guarantee


Round (Regular) Model Part Number: CID7J

Elongated Model Part Number: CID7K