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10 Foot AC Ground Plug with 10 Gauge Wire

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10' Green #10 Ground Wire with Yellow Plug
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10' AC Gound Plug with Green #10 Stranded Wire

This is as easy as it gets!

Plug the Yellow Plug directly into a wall outlet that you've tested to make sure it's wired correctly (see our AC Outlet Tester below). Strip the #10 Green Stranded Wire and put it in the 66 Block Ground Lug.

Click HERE for our Electrical Grounding Tech Bulletin

Don't plug this into a power strip! You want the best ground you can get, and you don't want to include all the extra (smaller) wire in a power strip.


Always use an Outlet Tester to make sure the outlet is wired correctly, and that there's a ground.

Without a good ground, our Protectors do nothing!

Always use an AC Outlet Tester to see if an outlet is wired correctly!








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