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1080 Joules AC Surge Suppressor

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1080 Joules AC Surge Suppressor
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1080 Joules AC Surge Suppressor

Great Inexpensive AC Surge Protector!

Has three AC outlets on the front

EMI / RFI Filtering

125 Volt, 15 Amp, 1800 Watt, Full 3 Line AC Surge Protector

This is really a great surge protector!   When our engineer was investigating AC surge protector manufacturers he looked at this one, checked the specs, checked the components used, and decided it will give you great surge protection for phone systems and most modern electronic equipment.... At a great price!

There is a difference between this surge protector and others!  Some surge protectors continue to provide power to the outlets after they've been damaged by a surge (they will all go bad eventually). A light may go off on some, which nobody will ever notice, or on high end surge protectors a beeper will go off indicating there is no longer any surge protection.

On this Surge Protector, the power will shut off when the
internal protection is damaged by an electrical surge.

That means the phone system, computer or whatever is plugged into it will go dead, because the power to it has been shut off by the Surge Protector. Is that a good idea? I think so, but you should consider the application before using this type of AC Surge Protector.

Even if you are using a Battery Backup with surge protection, most of them will still provide power after the internal surge protection is damaged. They'll usually light a cryptic light on the front panel that gives you no clue of why it's on.

If your phone system or computer goes dead after the Surge Protector is damaged, at least you'll have a chance to replace the surge protector... which isn't always your option with surge protectors that just light a light when they're damaged.



  • 1080 Joules
  • 6,000 Volt Maximum Surge Voltage
  • 72,000 Amps Total Maximum Spike Control (L-N, L-G, N-G)
  • Surge Protection Indicator light
  • 400 Volt Clamping Voltage, at 3,000 Amps (UL 1449)
  • Less than 1 nanosecond Repsonse Rate
  • 40db EMI/RFI Filtering from 150Khz to 100Mhz
  • Full Three-line AC Surge Protection against EMI/RFI, Surges and Voltage Splikes 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Like our phone line protectors, this AC Surge Protector won't survive a direct lightning strike, which is so strong that it will often damage a battery operated device (like a battery operated smoke detector!). That's a good reason to make sure you have electronic equipment insurance coverage on your business insurance policy (believe it or not, it's not automatically included unless you ask for it).


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee