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110 Installation Block - Raised Version

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110 Installation Block - Raised Version
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110 Installation Block - Raised Version Lets you Dress Cables Underneath the Block

Distribute 1 to 4 phone lines around a house or office using Single Line or KSU-less Phones... Using VERY LITTLE wall space!

Raised Block with 1" Mounting Posts, and slots to bring wires in from rear  for a neater installation

There are four 110 Punchings across the top for four phone lines.

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Each of the four lines has 12 110 Punchings going down, that are all tied together.

If you bring the phone line into the top 110 Punching, you have 11 more punchings going down for the pairs going to all the jacks in the home or office.

Run the cable in from the rear through the holes (slots) in the block.

There is space to write the cable number or name in the middle of the block, and space to write the line number at the top.

You need a 110 Punch Tool to terminate the wires!


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