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Inline Mod Swapper - 2 Pair - Male to Female - Swaps Pairs 1 and 2
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> 25 Pair Cables and Blocks

25 Pair Connectorized Cables, 66 Blocks & 25 Pair Patch Panels

 Limited Time 10% Off Sale on Most 25 Pair Connectorized Cables & Blocks! 

25 Pair CAT3 Connectorized Cable

CAT3 25 pair Cables with AMP Connectors

PVC (Riser), Plenum & Shielded with 90 or 180 Degree Connectors

CAT3 PVC Normally ships in 1 or 2 Days. Plenum & Shielded Normally Ships in 2 to 5 Days.

Call us if you need a 180 Degree Connector(s).. We Custom Make Them QUICKLY!

25 Pair Cables with Mod Plugs Setup for Your Particular System - with or without an AMP Connector

25 Pair to Modular QWIK Cables Really Speed Up Installations!

Plug & Play... With or Without a 90 or 180 Degree AMP Connector

66 & 110 Blocks Without Connectors

Punch Down the Cables to These Blocks

Includes 1/2, 1/4 and Smaller Blocks for Distributing Cables Around an Office or Home

25 Pair AMP Connectors

25 Pair AMP Connectors for your AMP Champ Crimp Tool

Solder Type 25 Pair Connectors for Cable & Circuit Boards

Bulk Cut Lengths of 25, 50 and 100 Pair Cable

Cut Lengths of Bulk Cable - No Connectors

25, 50 and 100 Pair

Connectorized 66 Block

Save time... With a Connectorized Block You Just Plug-in the 25 Pair Cable... Instead of Punching it Down!

66 Blocks & Brackets Both With AMP Connectors


90, 110 and 180 Degree CAT5e 25 Pair Connectors

CAT5e 25 Pair PVC Riser Rated Cables with AMP Connectors

Custom Made in About a Week - Call to Order

CAT3 32 Pair Connectorized Shielded PVC Riser Rated Cables

Custom Made Quickly with 90 or 180 Degree AMP Connectors... Call to Order

Patch Panels with 25 Pair Connectors

CAT3 & CAT5e Patch Panels You Don't Have to Punch Down!

2, 4 and 8 Pin Modular Patch Panels with 25 Pair AMP Connectors, Jack Panels & Harmonicas to Seed Up your Installations

CAT3 50, 100 & 200 Pair PVC Riser Rated Cables with AMP Connectors

Custom Made Quickly - Call to Order

Hardware & Cross Connect Supplies

What You Need For a Neat Data / Phone Installation...

Including our Training Video on creating a Distribution Frame and Installing Patch Panels

Tie Wraps, Tie Wrap Mounts, Waxed String

Tie Wraps, Tie Wrap Mounts & Waxed String

Natural, Black, Telephone Gray, and Plenum Tie Wraps, Velcro Tie Wraps, Waxed String & Tie Wrap Mounts


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