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3 Pair 15 Foot Solid Wire Modular Cord - Telephone Gray

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3 Pair Solid Wire 15' Modular Cord
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3 Pair 15' Solid Wire Modular Cord - Telephone Gray

Critical+ Cords Make Installing and Adding Equipment Quick & Easy!

Punch it down, Screw it down or use Beanies or UY Connectors.


Make your own Octopus Cable:

By plugging these Critical+ Solid Wire Cords into the mod jacks on a phone system, gateway, ATA or other modular device, you can tie wrap them in a bundle towards the 66 Block, where it will look neat when you cut the wires down. With a fixed lenth (6') Octopus Cable, you'll have extra wire for each of the mod cords, so your installation will look like a mess unless you spend a lot of time dressing the cable.

White/Blue, White/Orange and White Green pairs wired Straight Through to six pin modular plugs, so you can cut it in-half and get two 7.5 foot cords.

This CAT3 solid wire cord is wired with USOC wiring, with White/Blue on the middle pins, White/Orange on the next two pins out, and White/Green on the outside pins.

Made to Order since 3 Pair isn't very popular these days!


Custom lengths and wiring available. Call 630-980-7710.


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee