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B-Wire Connector - Bag of 100 FILLED Beanies

> 25 Pair Cables and Blocks > Cut Lengths of 25 - 50 - 100 Pair Cable - No Connectors > B-Wire Connector - Bag of 100 FILLED Beanies

B-Wire Connector / Splice - Bag of 100 Filled Beanies - Water Resistant Gel Filled
B-Wire Connector / Splice - Bag of 100 Filled Beanies - Water Resistant Gel Filled
B-Wire Connector / Splice - Bag of 100 Filled Beanies - Water Resistant Gel Filled
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B-Wire Connector - Bag of 100 FILLED (Water Resistant Gel Filled) Beanies

Splices up to three 24 Gauge Telephone Wires Together

Crimping a B-Wire Connector (Beanie) with a pair of Dikes
Don't strip the wires!

Just stick the wires into the Beanie, and squeeze it with a Pliers or the heel of a set of Dikes.

The inside of the Beanie is full of little sharp points that go right through the insulation when it's squeezed, and slice into the wire, creating a Gas Tight Connection.

B-Wire Connectors aren't used by phone companies any more (they use UY and UR connectors), because they couldn't stop phone men from stripping the jacket off the wire before putting it into the Beanie. Stripping the wire isn't bad if it's done with the correct stripper (like the notch in a phone man's scissors, long nose or dikes), but a lot of the phone men just squeezed the wire in the blade of the Dikes, and pulled the insulation off. That creates a little notch in the copper wire where they squeezed the dikes on the wire. Once the notch is in the wire, it's very easy to break the wire right at the notch, after it's moved a few times. That left lots of cases of dead phone lines, just because the phone man didn't do his job properly.


Don't Strip The Wire!

B-Wire Connectors are made to be used on solid copper telephone wire, which has a very thin insulation. There's no need to strip the wire, although it won't cause any problems if you strip it properly.

You can use B-Wire Connectors on other types of small gauge wire, both solid and stranded, but you'll have to strip the heavier insulation off of those wires because the little teeth in the Beanies won't be long enough to pierce the insulation.

I personally like using these better than UY/UR connectors (below). Probably because they're cheaper, and give me a little more flexibility (they take 2 or 3 wires). I have gotten four wires in a Beanie by stripping the insulation, but I don't think it's a good idea.

On a historical note, in the old days Beanies were available taped together on reels. The splicer would feed these into a breadbox sized metal box, which used compressed air to crimp the Beanie, when he stuck the wires in and stepped on a foot operated switch.

NOTE: Don't smash a B-Wire Connector when you squeeze it! If it's squeezed too hard, it will bend over the sharp points, and they won't slice into the wire correctly.

These B-Wire Connectors are FILLED with waterproofing gel, for splicing wires outside or in wet locations.


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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