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CAT6 RapidJack - Keystone Jacks - Choose Color

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CAT6 Keystone RapidJack™ - Choose Color
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CAT6 RapidJacks™


We had a factory in Taiwan copy the Leviton CAT5e and CAT6 Keystone Jack in 2009.

But we've improved it by putting 2 pairs on each side of the jack, rather than splitting the pairs.

The RapidJack™ is a copy of the Leviton Keystone Jack, but with a more logical wiring where the pairs aren't split between the sides:


Note that the Leviton CAT6 Jacks are a totally different shape, so they won't work in the regular Fluke "Leviton type" Jack Rapid Tool!

Our CAT6 RapidJacks™ work fine in our RapidJack™ Tool, or the regular Fluke "Leviton CAT5" Jack Rapid Tool.

RapidJacks™ fit in a standard Keystone Wall Plate or Biscuit from,, Leviton, ICC, Hubbel, Superior, Allen Tel, and others

They were tested to CAT6 standards with a CAT6 RapidJack™ at each end of a CAT6 Cable:


Click to see the Test Results in PDF format



  Click to see the Test Results in PDF format


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