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Door Box Controller Chip - 8 Ring for use with a PBX or NO Phone Line - No Distinctive Ringing

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Door Box Controller Chip - 8 Rings for use with a PBX or No CO Line - No Distinctive Ringing for Doors
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Door Box Controller Chip - 8 Rings for Use With a PBX or No Phone Line - NO Distinctive Ringing

Sometimes a phone system doesn't like Distinctive Ringing (like a Short-Short ring). This chip will give you 8 rings, and both doors will ring the same as a regular phone line: 2 seconds on and 4 seconds off

NOTE: This Chip is included inside every Door Box Controller!

It's taped inside the metal box so you'll have it available immediately if you're working on a PBX or Key System, or a home with no phone line.

Replacing the Chip (IC) that comes inside the Controller (by default) with this Chip makes a phone system (key system or PBX) ring 8 times, rather than the default 3 times when someone pushes the CALL button. The ringing will sound the same for both the front and back doors (using the same cadence as from the Phone Company), which makes it compatible with any phone system.

This Chip is only for use on a PBX or Key System, not for use when sharing a phone line (the Controller won't even see the CO line with this Chip).

The purposes of this chip are to:

  • Allow a user to call out  to the door
  • Ring 8 times (instead of 3 times) to give a user more time to answer the door
  • To provide a standard telephone company type ring cadence (2 seconds on, 4 seconds off), to make it compatible with phone systems that don't like distinctive ringing 


Unplug the AC before removing the circuit board from the Metal Box!

Click for bigger picture of the Chip in the Controller (circled in red)


While it's easy to get the circuit board out of the Controller by spreading the legs on the metal box, only an experienced technician should remove and replace the chip. If any of the legs are bent by mistake when inserting the new chip (with the power off!), the Controller won't work properly.


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee