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Door Box System Door Strike - Lock Controller

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Door Box System Door Strike / Lock Controller
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DoorBell Fon Door Strike / Lock Controller

This newer model (old model was in an ivory colored box) has a DIP Switch to let you select *, #, 5 or 7 as the trigger digit. * (star) is the default trigger digit.

When the user pushes the * key (star key) on their phone, you'll get a dry closure (short) on two wires for 3 seconds (or as long as the * key is held down, plus 3 seconds if the phone will make a tone for as long as you hold a button down).

When the * key is pressed, only the door that the user is talking to will open. If there are two doors with door strikes, you'll need two Door Strike Controllers, one for each door.

A security feature in the Door Strike Controller will prevent someone from making a * tone at the door to try to open the door strike.

If you need to open a door strike or gate from the door, without someone doing it from inside the building, simply put a keypad type switch at the door, which will give you a dry closure (which you would bridge across the same contacts as the Door Strike Controller).

There is no separate connection to the Door Strike Controller from the main Door Box Controller. The Door Strike Controller can be installed anywhere in-series along the single pair of wires going to the door. It doesn't have to be installed by the main Controller. It's usually installed near the door (where the strike and transformer are), so you don't have to deal with the voltage drop which occurs when you send voltage a long ways on small wires.

NOTE: The Door Strike Controller doesn't provide the voltage to operate the door strike. It only gives you a dry closure so you can operate a door strike or gate (you put the two wires on the Door Strike Controller in-series between one side of the door strike and the door strike transformer). The door strike and transformer for the door strike must be customer provided.

IMPORTANT: The Door Strike Controller should be used for low voltage applications. If you are using a 110VAC door strike, use a slave relay between the Door Strike Controller and the door strike.

Relay Contact Ratings are: 1 Amp at 125 VAC, or 2 Amps at 30VDC.

The Door Strike Controller will also operate a Gate


At a Gate, you'd install the Door Strike Controller out at the Gate,
near the customer provided gate controller and the Door Box.


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