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DTMF Flash Generator

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DTMF Flash Generator
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DTMF Flash Generator

This amazing line powered device will flash (or hang-up) the line for up to a second in response to a pre-programmed code. It's always listening on the line.

A great device for phones without a flash key or no buttons left to program as a flash key. Put it on an Automated Attendant and allow it to do a Centrex flash right on the CO line, to transfer calls off premise. Put it on a cordless phone with no flash key. It will always flash the line for the pre-programmed time when it hears the pre-programmed trigger code. No guessing about how long to hold down the hook-switch! Dial the code from a phone on either end of the call.

The DTMF Flash Generator works well in response to DTMF A, B, C and D tones (fourth column tones).

The line powered DTMF Flash Generator is easily installed in-series with an analog CO line or station port using a modular jack. Programming is password protected, for remote or on-site programming via a DTMF phone.

Using the DTMF Flash Generator to provide a CPC:

Many phone systems allow in-band signalling to indicate to the device connected to an analog station port that the trunk has received a CPC signal from the phone company, and the outside party has hung-up. In-band signalling can be a DTMF digit (including A, B, C and D fourth column tones), dial tone, busy signal or reorder tone. These tones are usually used to signal a voice mail system that the outside party has hung-up.

It's usually necessary to program the phone system's analog station port as a voice mail port in order to use in-band signalling (this is how integration was done in the past). If the system supports sending a DTMF digit when it receives a CPC signal on a trunk, this is the most dependable way of proving an open-loop disconnect to the device on the analog station port. Any other methods have to recognize a tone or silence, which can lead to cut-offs when you don't want them.

Keep in mind that even if the phone system does support in-band signalling when it receives a CPC on a trunk, it may not send the DTMF digit when on a station to station call. That means that a voicemail will hang-up on trunk calls, but not on messages left from a station.

In any event, you'll have to do some programming and testing, listening to see if there's a DTMF digit as a CPC on both trunk-to-station and station-to-station calls.


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