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Economy Krone Blade for 814 Type Punch Tool

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Economy Krone Blade for 814 Type Punch Tool - Cut and No-Cut
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Economy Krone Punch Blade for 814 Type Punch Tool

Highest Quality Punch Tool Blade... industry standard Twist-to-Release.


The KRONE Blade is used on all Blocks manufactured by KRONE (now ADC). The most popular use of these Blocks has been as RJ-21X Blocks installed in Nynex (Verizon) areas.

This Blade is a good choice for a phone man who only occasionally needs to punch down wires on a KRONE block, and it works fine. The regular KRONE Blade has a fancy scissors action to cut the wire, which makes it very expensive - especially for occasional use.

Flip the Economy KRONE Blade around for CUT or NON-CUT.

NOTE: You MUST use a Punch Tool to terminate wires onto 66, 110, BIX and Krone Blocks and Jacks. If you use a screwdriver to force the wire into the connection, you'll destroy the connection (spreading out the pin), causing strange intermittent problems until the Block is replaced.

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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