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Electret Mic Volume Control Box

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If it's Noisy You Need A Noise Cancelling Handset. If you can't get one this is your only option to be able to hear!
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Electret Mic Volume Control Box

You really need a noise cancelling transmitter handset if it's a noisy area!

Call us at 630-980-7710 when we're open to see if we make a noise cancelling handset for your particular phone.

To understand how noise cancelling transmitters work and why you need them, see our September Tech Blog:

If we don't make one this is the best you can do to try to hear better on the phone, and to reduce the background noise level when you page from a noisy area.

This device reduces the transmitter volume on the handset so less background noise is heard.

The Volume Control Box plugs in where the handset cord plugs into the phone, and the handset cord plugs into the Box.

You must have an electret transmitter on your particular phone (not carbon or dynamic). Most modern phones do use an electret transmitter.

Use a small screwdriver to gently adjust the volume of the mic to suit your applications.


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