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Explanation of the Types of 25 Pair Connectors

25 Pair AMP Ended Cable Assemblies (32, 50, and 100 Pair are also available)

Our 25 Pair Connectorized Cable Assemblies have an AMP
brand 25 Pair Connector at one or either end:


25 Pair MALE Connector (P=Plug)

25 Pair MALE Connector has a Blue Cover

25 Pair FEMALE Connector (C=Connector)

25 Pair FEMALE Connector has a Red Cover


         NOTE: The pictures above are the NORMAL ENTRY for
         cable with 90 degree connectors (cable comes in from the
         bottom  in the above pictures).

         We can make them OPPOSITE ENTRY, where the wire would
         come in from the TOP in the above pictures (rarely needed, and
         only needed with certain types of equipment). That's $5.00 extra
         (Part Number MSC9A).


All of our 25 Pair Connectorized Cables are made with 2 ends, even if you're ordering a cable with just one end...

This allows us to test the cable on a machine that tests all 25 pairs, and then cut the cable at the appropriate length.


A 25 Pair Female (Connector) to Male (Plug) is a 25CPxx
(xx = Length in Feet). It can also be stated 25PCxx.

A 25 Pair Female (Connector) to Nothing is a 25CXxx

A 25 Pair Male (Plug) to Nothing is a 25PXxx

A 25 Pair Male (Plug) to Male is a 25PPxx

A 25 Pair Female (Connector) to Female is a 25CCxx

Our Regular 25 Pair Cable
is CAT3 rated

25 Pair with NO Connector (X=Nothing)

We can custom make 32 (64 Pin), 50 and 100 Pair
Connectorized CAT3 Cables, which have multiple
male or female connectors (fingers):

50 Pair Connectorized Cable


We can also custom make CAT5 Rated 25 Pair Cables
with 90, 110 and 180 degree connectors

(We stock a few Male to Female sizes if you're in a hurry)


Our Connectorized Cables are assembled from US made Telephone Gray Cable,
and US made AMP connectors, right here in the Chicago area!

CAT5 Connectorized Cables use US made Avaya Connectors,
and US made silver/gray cable (not Telephone Gray).

Each cable is hand made by humans.

The cable we use has great colors. You won't have a problem punching it down on a 66 or 110 block.

We buy the best cable available, since we have to be able to see the colors ourselves to make the connectorized cables!

Each cable we make is tested by humans on a sophisticated electronic cable tester that checks each conductor/pair of the cable.

Every 25 pair connectorized cable we make is made double ended, so all 25 pairs can be tested (it's impossible to test a single ended cable!).

If you order a single ended cable, we cut the double ended cable after it's tested to make two single ended cables.

Our US made CAT3 cable has industry standard Telephone Gray coloring

Chinese cables usually have a silver-gray color. China never had an industry standard (they had very few phones, and very few phone systems in their country).

We have US made Telephone Gray Tie Wraps
to finish off your professional installation


These Locking Clips make it very difficult to unplug the connectors!

Some cards in systems are made to use Female Connectors with these Locking Clips

These locking Clips are Incredibly Annoying...

We don't put them
on our standard cables, but you can special order them.

One screw is installed in each connector we ship, allowing you to tighten the two screws for an in-line connection, or attach the cable to a card
edge connector.

NOTE:  Our Female Connectorized Cables DON'T come with Locking Clips, unless you specifically ask for them!

Make sure you have a Spudger or small screwdriver to get them apart!


AMP Connector U-ClipAn AMP U-Clip is available that secures the Connectors without screws. It slides onto the Male AMP Connector. The tips of the U go through a slot and grab onto a ridge on the side of the Female Connector - preventing you from separating them until you pull the U-Clip off.