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Inline Mod Swapper - 2 Pair - Male to Female - Swaps Pairs 1 and 2
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> Fixing Phone Line Problems

Devices for Fixing Telephone Line & Station Port Problems

Telephone Line Boosters

Loop Current Booster™Ring Voltage Booster™ & Long Line Volume Booster™ make fake phone lines look like real phone lines.

RF Eliminators
CPC Generators

Create an Open Loop based on Audio (Dial Tone, Busy Signal, Reorder Tone), Silence or DTMF Tones

Meters & Tester Make it Easier to Diagnose Phone Problems

Loop Current Regulators & Attenuators Reduce High Loop Current that Causes Strange Problems with Phone Equipment

Fixes Echo Casued by an Impedance Mismatch between the Phone Line and Phone Equipment

Data Noise Filters Remove Noise That You CAN'T Hear...

From Fake Phone Lines that come from Boxes (not on Copper)

Removes Common Mode Noise that You CAN'T Hear... but the Modem Does

Includes the Modem Protector with Filter that gives you the best shot at fixing modem connection problems

Reduces the db Level (Volume) of a Phone Line

Fixes Echo, Sqealing (Feedback) and More

Reduces the db Level of an Audio or Data Line while Maintaining the Impedance

These CAN'T be used on a real phone line... Use our Phone Line Attenuators for that!

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