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Headset In-Use Indicator

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Headset and Handset In-Use Indicator - ON
Headset and Handset In-Use Indicator - OFF
Headset and Handset In-Use Indicator Control Box with Amplifier
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Handset or Headset In-Use Indicator with Amplifier

STOP Interruptions!

Bright Red Large LED Glows when you're talking!

Everybody hates it when someone walks up and starts talking to them while they're on the phone, but how do you know they're on the phone?

Our Headset In-Use Indicator combines our In-Line Amplifier with an In-Use Light to let everybody know when someone is on their phone so they aren't disturbed.

Amplifier / Control Box with Volume Control plugs in-series with the handset or a or a headset with an amplifier.

Bright Red Large LED is plugged into the base by a 12' 3.5mm cord (included).

  • Know when your co-workers are on the phone!

  • Both the Light and Amplifier work on ANY business phone with a dial in the base
    and where you can hear yourself in your ear when you talk (has sidetone), except RCA and GE


  • Use on a Cubical, on Top of a Monitor or ???

  • Works equally well with Handsets or Headsets with Amplifiers (it's really nice to raise
    the level on the headset amp sometimes!)


  • Connects In-Series with Headset Amplifier or Handset

  • Easy-to-Use Slide Volume Control

  • Comes with Easy-to-See BIG Bright Red LED

  • Requires a 110V AC outlet near the desk for the power cube (included)


NOTE: The Headset In-Use Indicator only works with a handset or headset with modular handset type plugs.

It won't work on Cordless or Cellular type phones with a 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack.

Includes AC Power Cube

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee