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Maximum Lightning Protection™

We call it Maximum Lightning Protection™ because this is the best lightning protection money can buy... Unless you use an expensive fiber optic device that converts copper to fiber and back (lightning will never get past fiber!)

The Phone Company always provides basic Lightning Protection at the entrance to a building.

Basic protection prevents an old style non-electronic telephone along with the wiring in the building from burning up. This basic protection lets so much voltage and current through that anything electronic will likely get blown up.

Our Maximum Lightning Protection™ modules are engineered to protect specific types of telephone and data equipment attached to phone lines based on the type of phone line, and the equipment attached.

Maximum Lightning Protection™ modules are Solid State, automatically clamp large surges down to 10-15 volts, and have self-resetting Over Current Protection to handle up to twice the damaging current of any other Lightning Protector.

These Protectors do NOTHING AT ALL if you don't have a good ground!

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Modular Type MLP Lightning Protector
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