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Long Line Volume Booster™ - Set of Two

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Long Line Volume Booster™
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Modular device increases the gain of an OPX (does NOT work on a regular phone line),
to make it louder at the far end.


Works the same way as load coils do to increase the gain on a line, but you don't need to place them in the outside plant.

One at the near end, one at the far end, and that's it!

No power required at either end!

Increases the gain at the far end without an amplifier, larger gauge wires, or power at either end.

You MUST use two, one at each end!

Most phone companies no longer offer any conditioning for an OPX. They won't install repeaters or condition the line for you.

The Long Line Volume Booster™ boosts the volume at the far end of the OPX so the user can hear OK.

All CPE equipment (telephones) must be connected in-series with the Long Loop Volume Booster™ at the FAR end. Nothing can be bridged on the line between the two units.

The set contains two of the same devices. It doesn't matter which one is put at which end (they're both the same).

Modular IN and OUT. Connect one at each end, and that's it!

NOTE: It's likely that you'll also have low loop current at the far end of the OPX, so you may need a Loop Current Booster™ PLUS at the far or near end:

Long Line Volume Booster Placement


You may also need a Ring Voltage Booster II™ to make a long line ring, especially if the phone has a mechanical bell.