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Loop Current Attenuator

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Loop Current Attenuator (A Meter to Read Loop Current is Required to Use This!)


Our Loop Current Attenuator lets you reduce the Loop Current on a line by flipping one or more of the four DIP switches, as you watch a meter or Loop Current Tester for the current to get down to between 23 and 27ma.

There are no electronics in this Attenuator. There are only passive electronic components.

Greater than 35ma Loop Current symptoms include:

  • Burned out Key, PBX and Data equipment
  • Cut-offs and squealing on lines
  • Crosstalk, echo or hollow sounds
  • Off premise equipment problems
  • Garbled data and modems that won't connect

NOTE:   Because there are no electronics in the Loop Current Attenuator, if the Loop Current on the line changes down the road, you'll need to adjust the Loop Current again by connecting a meter, and flipping the DIP switches until the Loop Current is again between 23 and 27ma.

Setup for Measuring Loop Current

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