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Loop Current Tester

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Loop Current Tester
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LOOP CURRENT TESTER... Fix the Unfixable!

High Loop Current problems are causing service calls... and you may not even know it!

Greater than 35ma Loop Current symptoms include:

  • Burned out Key, PBX and Data equipment
  • Cut-offs and squealing on lines
  • Crosstalk, echo or hollow sounds
  • Off premise equipment problems
  • Garbled data and modems that won't connect

Our Loop Current Tester is the fastest and easiest way to check loop current - just push One Button. That's it!

Connect the modular plug ANYWHERE across the line (not in series). Push the TEST button and read the loop current off the five LEDs that indicate the range of loop current:

  • LOW (11 to 22ma)
  • GOOD (23 to 27ma)
  • FAIR (28 to 34ma)
  • HIGH (35 to 44ma)
  • EXTREME (45ma to 120ma)


It's Line Powered, and there's only ONE Button to Push!

Because the Loop Current Tester goes anywhere across the line, our customers have told us that they find it a lot faster than getting out their digital meter and connecting it in-series with the line.

Instructions and a diagram to measure loop current with a regular digital meter are in our Loop Current and Circuit Loss Tech Bulletin.

See our Loop Current Regulators™ to reduce Loop Current to safe levels,
and our Loop Current Booster™ PLUS to increase Low Loop Current

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

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