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MLP-123 1 Pair T3-E3 66 Block Type Protector

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MLP 66 Block Type Protector
66 Block Type Protectors on Split 66M Block
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MLP-123 1 Pair T3 & E3 66 Type Lightning Protector

For T3 / E3 Lines (1 Pair)


The MLP-123 protects the voltage on a T3 or E3 line. It also opens the line when the current goes over 150ma. When the voltage or current goes back below the threshold, the MLP-123 automatically resets.

Our MLP Protectors come in the following thresholds (click to see that Protector):  14V, 30V, 56V (MLP-050A), 70V, and 270V.

We also have MLP Protectors specifically made for Ethernet, T1 / E1, and T3 / E3 Lines.

You need one Protector for each pair.

If you're putting this on an analog station port going to another building (OPX), be sure to put them at BOTH ENDS of the cable leaving the buildings!

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