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Modem Filter - 1 Line RJ11

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MODEM FILTER  (1 Line Modular)

Reduce Cut-offs...   Increase Modem Speed...   It only seems like MAGIC!

The MODEM FILTER filters noise you can't hear...

Some modem problems are caused by common mode noise and spikes on the phone line.

You can't hear these noises, but they affect:

  • The speed the modem connects at (modems retrain to find a dependable speed)
  • The data rate or throughput of the modem (greatly effected by errors causing data to be retransmitted)
  • How often calls are dropped

If you have common mode noise on your line, the MODEM FILTER will immediately fix these problems!

Because of the Modem Filter's design, it also stops common mode spikes on the line that can damage your modem.

Easy to Install:

Plug the Modem Filter into the modem, and plug the line cord into the Modem Filter.

No other connections or power needed.

NOTE: We also have a Modem Protector™ with a Modem Filter built-in, which will control the loop current on your line as well as eliminate common mode noise, letting you achieve the maximum modem speed possible on your particular phone line (as well as preventing damage to your modem from high loop current).


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee