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Modem Protector with Filter

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Modem Disconnects?    Speed Falls Back?   Modem Stops Working or Never Worked on a Line?


Many PBXs and Phone Lines have way too much loop current for a Modem.


So what happens?  It Burns Up at the WORST possible time!


Worry Free Connections in any Hotel, Office, Home... Or on an Industrial Modem...


The Modem Protector™ with FILTER:

  • Automatically regulates the loop current from the phone company or a PBX to 25ma.

  • Prevents PCMCIA Modems (PC Cards) and Faxes from being blown up!

  • Protects your modem if you accidentally plug it into a digital phone jack that was not designed for analog phones or modems.
  • Fixes UNFIXABLE modem connection problems if you have high loop current.
  • Also works on fax modems, fax machines and phones that have problems with high loop current.
  • Includes lightning and surge protection for your modem, and even the phone that's plugged in with it!
  • Small and lightweight with a 6' flexible modular line cord, it stores easily in your laptop's case.
  • Allows for fastest data connection possible.
  • Helps stop garbled data and disconnects.
  • Combines our Modem Filter with our Modem Protector™, all in one easy to use device.

Buy one now, or wait until you blow up your modem when you need it most!


See our Modem Protector™ Tech Bulletin to see how The Modem Protector™ protects your modem.

See our Loop Current Tech Bulletin for complete technical information on Loop Current.


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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