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QWIK Cable for Shoretel SG90 with Female AMP Connector

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QWIK Cable for Shoretel SG90, SG50 and SG30
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Was: $45.50 - $75.50
Now: $37.83 - $67.83
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QWIK Cable™ for Shoretel SG90, SG 50 and SG30


10' Long Overall Base Length.


12 8 Pin Mod Plugs: Center pair to each 8 Pin Plug. Three groups with Black Tubing (4 Plugs Each) until a few inches before the Plug.

NOTE:  Every other pair is skipped after the White/Blue (first) Pair.


To Order Online:

1. Choose Number of Feet Additional (if more than Standard 10') or NONE

2. Choose Quantity of Cables

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Works GREAT with our Preloaded Patch Panel with 12 8 Pin Feed-Thru Keystone Jacks & 12 White Keystone Blanks:

Change out the Blanks to Feed-thru Jacks if you have two SG90s:

This is what it will look like with the SG90 QWIK Cable™ plugged into the back of the Feed-thru Jacks:


For special configurations or questions call us at 630-980-7710.

Custom Lengths and Connectors are non-cancellable or returnable.