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Ring Voltage Booster™ II - GROUNDED RINGING!

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Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II
Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II
Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II
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This is the same as our regular Ring Voltage Booster™ II with a circuit added to make it work with telephone equipment that requires "Grounded Ringing."


Most modern telephone equipment works with Bridged Ringing, as provided on the regular Ring Voltage Booster™ II, where the 90VAC ring voltage is sent between the tip and ring of the phone line or PBX station port.


Some telephone equipment, particularly equipment used to condition a line in the Phone Company's central office and older special telephone equipment requires Grounded Ringing, where one side of the line is referenced to ground (rather than the ring voltage being between the tip and ring).


If you're not sure give us a call at 888-980-7710 (630-980-7710 outside the US) when we're open so we can make a suggestion after hearing about your application (that's impossible to do via email), or just order the Grounded Ringing version (which works exactly like the regular version if you don't attach the ground wire to anything) so you don't have to deal with returning the Bridged Ringing version and getting the Grounded Ringing version.


Provides GROUNDED RINGING at 90VAC RMS, at 20 cycles
Increases Ringing Current to 7.5 REN
True SINE WAVE should make anything Ring!


The Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II provides 7.5 REN of 90VAC RMS Ringing to any telephone equipment wired in-series with the Booster. That's enough for more than 7 of the old style 2500 sets with bell ringers. Each of those phones uses 1 REN.


If you attach the ground wire, it will reference the ringing to ground instead of providing bridged ringing. The Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II will work with both Grounded and Bridged Ringing (if you don't attach the ground wire).


The Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II will boost ringing from as low as 30VAC RMS. It regenerates the ringing of the telephone line or station port, matching the ring pattern very closely. It does not change the talk battery voltage or loop current, and does not provide any audio gain. One Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II is required per line.


Boosts Ringing On:

  • Telephone Lines
  • Analog Station Ports
  • Analog ISDN Ports
  • T1 Channel Bank Ports
  • VoIP Adapter Analog Ports

Any Device that provides a Port for an Analog Telephone

A lot of modern telecom devices do a poor job of emulating a real phone line, and have pretty bad ringing!

The telephone company normally provides 5 REN of ringing on a telephone line. Adding a Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ will allow you to put over 11 REN worth of phones on a line. Plug around 4 REN directly into the line from the phone company, and plug 7 REN into the Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II (which would be bridged directly to the phone line).


You need to know how many REN you're putting on a phone line or adapter. The REN value is marked on the bottom of each modern phone. Most are now well under 1 REN, although some are more than 1 REN.


The Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II will boost the ringing from phone system analog station ports, which often have low ring voltage, less than 1 REN of ringing current, and a Square Wave for ringing (instead of a true SINE wave as provided by the real phone company).


The ring voltage standard is lower in Europe (around 60VAC RMS), so if the phone system or device providing dial tone and ring voltage was designed in Europe, the Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II could be the only way to get your CPE equipment to ring!


When used on an OPX (Off-Premise Extension), the Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II is normally placed at the far-end of the circuit (where the CPE equipment is), to regenerate the ring. You may need a Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II on each end of an OPX, particularly if the ringing is weak coming out of the phone system's station port and the OPX runs a long ways. You may need the Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II on the near end (at the PBX) if it's an OPX, and the phone company's equipment (like a repeater) doesn't recognize the ringing from the phone system's analog station port.


Has Modular Jacks for easy connection to the telephone line or station port, and the telephones.


There are no switches on the Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II but there is an LED will that will indicate when the ring voltage is being replaced (boosted).


The CPE equipment (telephones) on LINE-OUT will still work without 110VAC power applied to the Grounded Ringing Ring Voltage Booster™ II, but you will have no boost of the ring voltage or current. It will simply pass the line through.


Comes in a plastic case with screw holes for wall mounting, and includes a 110VAC to 12V 1000ma Regulated Power Cube.


220VAC International Power Cube is available.

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