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Surface Mount Doorbox - Off-White

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Off-White Single Gang Surface Mount Door Box
Off-White Single Gang Surface Mount Door Box
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Surface Mount Single Gang Door Box - Off-White


The Door Box mounts easily to any surface

Separate Base makes it easy to install on a single-gang box, or screwed directly to the wall.


Only 2 Screw Terminals for the 2 Wires!

If you're mounting the Door Box to a wall where water might come down in-back of the Door Box, simply put a little silicone sealer or bath-tub caulk on the screw terminals to keep them dry, or use our Metal Awnings (below).

NOTE:  Electronic Devices Attached to Phone Lines Need Lightning Protection!


If the Door Box System is attached to a phone line in a home, it can be damaged during a lightning storm.

The Phone Company provides lightning protection where their wires enter a home, but it's designed to prevent damage to the old style phones that weren't electronic. Modern electronic phones or phone equipment is much more sensitive to lightning than older phones.

If your Door Box is mounted to the side of the building, and the wires don't travel outside the building, you don't need lightning protection on the wire coming from the door. If the Door Box is located at a gate, away from the building, you absolutely need lightning protection on the pair of wires before it gets to the Controller.

Even if you run the cable to the gate in a metal conduit, you still need lightning protection on the pair from the door, at the controller.


Be Sure to Check Out Our Lighting Protection!

You need our MLP-270M or MLP270T for the phone line, and the MLP-030T and Door Box TVS for each Door Box where the wires go outside the building.

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee