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Teflon Plenum Tie Wrap - Bag of 100 - Choose 8 or 11 Inch

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Teflon Plenum Tie Wraps - Choose 8 or 11
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Teflon Plenum Tie Wrap -  Bag of 100 - Choose 8" or 11"

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Teflon Tie Wraps are Required  in Air Plenum Return Ceilings

When standard Tie Wraps burn they let off toxic gas. If they're in a ceiling that's used for the air return on the HVAC system (where the returns aren't ducted), they will distribute the toxic gas to other spaces that aren't on fire, where the people will die (even though there's no fire). You would use Teflon cable in air plenum return ceilings, for the same reason.

Teflon doesn't let off toxic gas when it's burned, so it's safe to use in the plenum return to bundle cables. You don't want to use in premises with a ducted return, since they're incredibly expensive!


Sold in Bags of 100  -  Available in Turquoise Color Only


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee