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UR 3 Wire Connector - Box of 100

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UR 3 Wire Connector - IDC Wire Splice
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UR 3-Wire Connector (Splice) - Water Resistant Gel Filled - Box of 100

Splices three 22 to 24 Gauge Solid Copper Telephone Wires Together

Don't strip the wires!

Just stick the wires into the three holes on the UR Connector as far as they will go (you'll be able to see them through the plastic), and squeeze the Red top all the way down so it's flat, with a Pliers or UY/UR Crimp Tool.

That's it!

UY and UR Connectors are the splice of choice of all the Phone Companies in the US.

UR Connectors are made to be used on solid copper 22 to 24 gauge telephone wire, which has a very thin insulation. Do NOT strip the wires!

NOTE: If you strip the wires before inserting them into the UR Connector, it won't be a good splice!

UR Connectors are filled with a small amount of waterproofing gel. 


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


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