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USB to Serial Adapter

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USB to Serial Adapter (color may vary)

Use a serial device on your PC or laptop that doesn't have a serial port, only a USB port. Has a DB9 Male Connector on a 2 foot cord.


There is a 90% chance this will work with a particular serial RS-232 device, not 100%. There's no way to know if it will work or not until you try it.

If your serial device doesn't work with this device right away, you may need to use our RS-232 Tech Bulletin to determine if any control pins need to be held high or low.

It supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista (32/64 bit), and Windows 7 & 8 (32/64 bit), as well as MAC OS X 10.1-10.5. Comes with a driver CD. It's made to be used on a USB 1.1 compliant port, which should include all USB 2.0 ports.

It should work well for programming most phone systems through a serial port.

Note that a USB device driver loads when the computer starts up. That's fine if you're sitting in-front of the computer, but there is a small chance that the drivers won't load properly on a particular reboot, requiring another reboot. That could be a problem if you're running this on an unattended PC like a kiosk. Real serial port drivers are more dependable (available on a PCI card (Windows only?) which is pretty cheap).

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee