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Waxed String for Cable Lacing - 525 Foot Roll

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Waxed String - 525' Roll
Example of Cable Lacing
Example of Cable Lacing
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525' Roll of White Waxed String or Cable Lacing

Use for bundling wires, and also a popular tool for fishing walls.

Put a big nail at the end to fish walls. In the old days, guys would wrap solder around the end of the cable to weigh it down so it would go straight down the wall.

Used instead of Tie Wraps in the old days (before Tie Wraps existed), and in Central Offices (and for special equipment) these days.

Sorry, we don't have instructions on how to use Waxed String on telephone cables.

We do have Lacing Needles.

NASA has a good document on using waxed string for lacing cables (hard to do service calls on spacecraft!):

Click HERE for NASA Cable Lacing Instructions (PDF)

You may be able to find other instructions on the Internet.

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