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Worlds Best Toner and Probe Kit

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WORLD'S BEST TONER and PROBE KIT  (Includes Pouch)

The World's Best Toner & Probe makes finding unmarked cables FAST!

Finding unmarked cables is a fact of life!

This Fluke Toner is MUCH louder than others. It's loud enough to make finding CAT-5 cables easy.

Toner Features:

  • Red and Black Rubber Cords
  • Butt-set type Bent Nose Bed-of-Nails Clips (with spike)
  • Red and Black Boots
  • Modular Cord with Snag-free Mod Plug
  • Lanyard to hang the toner on the frame (instead of from the clips!)
  • Water resistant construction
  • Continuity Test and Polarity LED
  • LED to indicate the Toner is on
  • Push-Button Steady / Warble Tone selector button on front of Toner
  • Smart Tone Function changes Warble to a Solid tone when the pair is shorted (must be dry pair with no voltage), for positive identification
  • Trace Coax by clipping from local (building) ground to the Shield of the coax cable
  • Standard 9V battery included


Probe Features:

  • Lanyard
  • Water resistant construction
  • HI and LOW volume button
  • If the Toner is clipped to local (building) ground and the Shield of a coax cable, you'll hear the tone on the coax with the Probe
  • Non-conductive Tip is impregnated with silver particles, so touching the Probe to a wire will give you a scratch sound and louder tone
  • Includes standard jack for radio type headset if the tone through the speaker would disturb the office
  • Standard 9V battery included


Pouch Features:

  • Velcro Flap keeps Toner & Probe safely in the Pouch with Belt Loop


The World's Best Toner has professional Bed of Nails Clips. The Bed of Nails Clip has lots of tiny pins that go through insulation easily. The tiny holes in the insulation then "HEAL" themselves when the Clip is removed!



The modular plug on the mod cord has a special plug whose clip won't break off!


Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee