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Level & Template for Low Voltage Mounts
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Digital Signage Solutions

Everything you need to create your own digital signage and digital menus.

With digital signage, you're never locked in to static, out-of-date content - or stuck spending money to update printed signs and menus.

Tie Wraps & Tie Wrap Mounts

Tie Wraps, Tie Wrap Mounts & Waxed String

Natural, Black, Telephone Gray, and Plenum Tie Wraps, Velcro Tie Wraps, Waxed String & Tie Wrap Mounts

Level Template

Mount Your Jacks Straight & Level... like a PRO!

Level Templates for Low Voltage Wall Mount Boxes

Heavy Duty Cordura Smart Phone, Cordless Phone, Cell Phone, Camera & Instrument Pouches with Police Style Clip... or Belt Loop on Some Sizes

IntiBidet™ Electronic
Toilet Seat

The Big Problem with the IntiBidet?

You won't want to go to the bathroom anywhere else!

25 Pair Connectorized Cables, 66 Blocks & 25 Pair Patch Panels

Custom Made 32 Pair, 50 Pair, 100 Pair & 200 Pair Cables with 90 & 180 Degree Connectors

Modular USOC (6 pin), CAT5e & CAT6 Keystone Jacks, Wall Phone Jacks, Wall Plates, Biscuits, Patch Cords and Modular Cords... and Flush Mount Cutout Rings

Splicing Connectors for Telephone Cable

Regular & Sealant Filled

World's Best Door Box System

Answer the Door from Your Phone!

Easy to Sell... Easy to Install...

Easy to Use!

Telephone Repair and Installation Tools for Voice & Data

Time Saving Installation and Repair Tools for Telephone, Voice & Data.

Fixing Phone Line and Station Port Problems

Devices for Fixing Phone Lines & Phone Systems

Wire Wrap Tools

Wire Wrap & Unwrap Tools

Wire Wrap Cutter / Stripper

Distribute the Wiring for Up to 4 Lines Throughout a Home or Business

Protect Data & Voice lines with our Maximum Lightning Protection™

Amplifiers for Handsets and Headsets

Handset & Headset Amplifiers
to Raise the Volume on your Phone

Busy Light Tells Others You're On The Phone

Stop Being Interrupted...

Busy / In-Use Light Tells Others You're On The Phone!

USB and Serial RS-232 Devices

Knowledge of the MYSTERIES of RS232 Can Be Yours!

RS-232 Breakout Boxes, Serial Data Accessories, and USB Converters & Adapters

Great Deals on Telephone Tools & Equipment

Great Deals on Telephone & Data Tools & Computer Network Equipment in Limited Quantities

Power Cubes and Power Supplies

iPad Cases with Removable Kneeboard and RAM Mount Adapter

Unique Rotating Kneeboard Mount

Ipad & iPad Mini Cases for everyday use, and are used in the airplane as a Kneeboard or RAM Mount