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2AG Quarter Amp Fast Blow Glass Fuse

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2AG .25A Fast Blow Glass Fuse
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2AG .25A Fast Blow Glass Fuse for Doorbox Controller - for Phone Line

This Fuse is required by the FCC. It's in-series between LINE-IN and LINE-OUT on the Controller.

This Fuse is only for use when sharing a phone line, it's not in the circuit when the Door Box System is used on a CO Line on a phone system.

If the Telephone Line Fuse (bottom) blows, there'll be no dial tone at LINE-OUT. This fuse only blows after a lightning storm. When it blows, it protects both the Door Box Controller and all of the telephones in the house. It shouldn't be considered lighting protection!

Unplug the AC before removing the circuit board from the Metal Box!

Click for bigger picture of the Telephone Line Fast Blow Fuse in the Controller (circled in red)


It's easy to get the circuit board out of the Controller by speading the legs on the metal box.

The Telephone Line Fuse is the bottom fuse, just above the modular jacks.


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