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Headset In-Use Relay

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Headset and Handset In-Use Relay
Headset and Handset In-Use Indicator Control Box with Amplifier
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Handset or Headset In-Use Relay with Amplifier

Amplifier / Control Box with Volume Control plugs in-series with the handset or a headset with an amplifier.

Our Headset In-Use Relay combines our In-Line Amplifier with a DPDT Relay to operate a light, radio or other device when someone is using / not using the phone.

Relay Box is plugged into the base by a 12' 3.5mm cord (included). DPDT Relay contacts come out on 6 Conductor Modular Cord (included).

  • Both the Relay and Amplifier work on ANY business phone with a dial in the base and where you can hear yourself in your ear when you talk (has sidetone), except RCA and GE

  • Great for 911 Dispatchers who have to switch their headset between a Phone and Radio Automatically

  • Has a Kill Switch to Manually Control the Relay State

  • Works equally well with Handsets or Headsets with Amplifiers (it's really nice to raise the level on the headset amp sometimes!)

  • Connects In-Series with Headset Amplifier or Handset

  • Easy-to-Use Slide Volume Control

  • Comes with DPDT Relay Box for low voltage / low current applications

  • Requires a 110V AC outlet near the desk for the power cube (included)


NOTE: The Headset In-Use Indicator only works with a handset or headset with modular handset type plugs. It won't work on Cordless or Cellular type phones with a 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack.

Use the Recording / Playback & In-Use Headset Adapter if you want to use this on a modular headset jack, instead of a handset jack (those types of jacks are wired differently).

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

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