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In-Line Handset Amplifier - Battery Powered

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In-Line Handset Amplifier

Our In-Line Handset Amplifier uses the same circuit we put in our custom made Amplified Handsets, and works on any phone with a dial in the base (won't work on Trimline type dial-in-handset phones, or any RCA / GE phones).

It takes under a minute to plug into just about any phone...

Just unplug the handset cord, plug the In-Line Amplifier back into that jack, and plug the handset cord into the other side of the In-Line Amplifier. Move the convenient slide volume control to adjust the volume (it raises the volume by 18db).

Includes 9V Battery that lasts around a year.

NOTE: This Amplifier works.  Others we found don't.  Callers constantly tell us that they've tried amplifiers from electronics or drug stores, but they sound terrible or don't work at all.

If you're looking for an amplified handset for someone who wears a hearing aid CLICK HERE to read our Hearing Aid Compatibility Technical Bulletin.

Sometimes the handset needs to operate an automatic T/M switch in the Hearing Aid, as well as have amplification which will also increase the magnetic output of the handset. Some of the receivers in modern handsets don't have enough magnetic output to activate the reed relay in the hearing aid, which automatically turns-on the telephone pickup in the hearing aid (instead of having to throw a T/M switch) The Tech Bulletin explains it.

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee



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